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Gary Smith

I’ve been using your hosted exchange service for the past month or so and I have to say that I was impressed right from the time I placed the order. The order process was very easy, as were the instructions for setting up my domain and Exchange account.

As an IT consultant dealing mostly with small to medium sized businesses I’m always on the lookout for cost effective services and solutions that can enhance and assist these businesses in getting the most out of their online communication. The ezyexchange service ticks all the boxes. The signup was fast, configuration instructions were easy to follow and the service has been rock solid so far.

Initially I was just looking for a way that I could take all of my email, tasks and calendar with me on my laptop and phone and also access it at home. I’ve been involved in computers and IT since 1980 but was very slow to embrace the whole mobile technology concept. With that in mind, I expected there would be some small mountains to climb in getting the mailbox, calendars etc syncing and playing happily together on my PC, laptop and iPhone. I was pleasantly surprised when it took less than an hour from signup to having it completely set up!

I will have no hesitation in recommending ezyexchange as a very efficient and cost effective way of allowing my customers to have an enterprise grade online communication and calendar/task management solution at a very affordable cost.

Applied Computers
Scott McNair

Very happy to date with the service.

Overall really like your approach and will recommend you.

Abe's Audio
Abe Udy

I was made aware of ezytelecommunications a number of weeks ago, and since our initial stages of testing and implementing, I have been absolutely blown away. We have studios across Australia and make many calls to clients on an hourly basis, and the call quality and service we’ve experienced has been nothing short of outstanding.

The technical support and backup has been faultless. Any question we have had was promptly answered, and our requirements met, all in a matter of minutes. I wish that this emerging technology and service was around years ago – we would have saved thousands of dollars on our telephony and been able to network our people in a much smarter manner!

I can’t recommended the service and support ezytelecommunications have provided highly enough, and after extensive testing, I can honestly say we are 110% happy with their complete service.

I highly recommend ezytelecommunications.

James Joyce and Associates
James Joyce

All I can say is your service is pretty slick and everything seems to just do what it sets out to do, with no fuss.

That sounds simple, but frankly it is rare and as a result I am glad I went with you guys.