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[toggle title="Why should I sign-up for ezytelecommunications?"]

YOU WILL SAVE MONEY every time you need to use the phone.


YOU WILL SAVE on average, at least 40% on your first and every subsequent bill when you switch from a traditional landline account with one of Australia's big telcos to ezytelecommunications. Now that's a chunk of change!


AN "ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES" PBX for your business at a fraction of what the "big boys" would charge; that’s what you’ll get with an ezytelecommunications hosted ezyPBX solution. And best of all, you won’t have to buy super-expensive equipment to make it work. Using IP phones, you’ll hook into our server-based PBX and we’ll do all the rest for you.


FLAT RATE, UNTIMED LANDLINE CALLS to anywhere in Australia for just 12 cents!


NO FLAGFALL, PER SECOND MOBILE CALLS to any Australian mobile number and all for as little as 18c a minute, depending on your chosen plan. And being charged “per second”, you only pay what you use. The days of 30 and 60 second charging blocks are gone!


NO CONTRACTS, NO LONG TERM COMMITMENTS, no minimum call spend, and no minimum stay. ezytelecommunications has the solutions you need to save you money, give you back your freedom of choice, and to move you into the 21st century of telecommunications.


OUTSTANDING DIGITAL CALL QUALITY generally better than a landline.


[toggle title="What is VoIP?"]

VoIP is an acronym describing voice communications over the internet. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP leverages the power of the Internet resulting in inexpensive phone calls for you, and even free calls between you and other VoIP users on our system.


More technically, Voice over Internet Protocol, is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or through any other IP-based network. The service we offer at ezytelecommunications provides a VoIP to PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) gateway, allowing you to dial regular PSTN numbers from your internet connection.


Digital Hybrid is a Voice Service Provider, or VSP, utilising some of the most advanced systems available anywhere in the world to deliver ezytelecommunications.


[toggle title="What is an Extension?"]

An extension is the number your IP handset is assigned when it registers or logs onto the ezytelecommunications VoIP servers.


Each SIP device on our servers has a unique 8 digit extension number, and with that number, you can call other ezytelecommunications extensions and users for free.


That's right, you can call your friends for free if they have an ezytelecommunications account.


You can have more than one extension on your account. For example one in your living room, one in your bedroom, one in your study, and one in the kids' room. Or, you could have an extensions at your house, and one at your business. And in every care, you can make calls between these extensions for free.


You can set the outgoing caller ID (CID) of each extension individually, or have it default to a value you select for all extensions on your account. You can also choose to divert your extension to an external phone number or your voice mailbox if it's busy, or even after a certain time.


Between all of the extensions on your account, the maximum number of simultaneous calls will be exactly double the number of your extensions. In other words, if your account has two extenions, you can make four simultaneous calls.



[toggle title="What are Concurrent Calls?"]

Unlike every other VoIP provider in Australia, here at ezytelecommunications, we don't work on the basis of "one line, one extension, one call". We provide you with a "concurrent call" capacity, and we're pretty generous in what that provides for you.


For example, if your account is an ezyHOME Small with 2 extensions, we'll always allow you to make and receive up to 4 concurrent calls at any time. If your account is an ezyPBX Advanced with 40 extensions, you can make and receive up to 80 concurrent calls at one time. This brilliant not only for call waiting, but for call centres, conference calls and so many residential and business applications.


There is no other VoIP provider in Australia than ezytelecommunications who gives you so much for so little.



[toggle title="What is a DiD?"]

A Direct InDial number, more commonly called a DiD, is one that exists on the Public Switched Telephone Network, or PSTN, just like any normal telephone number you might have had with Telstra or Optus.


Any DiD can be connected to the ezytelecommunications' gateway to allow you to receive calls through that number via your ezytelecommunications extension.


You can set the destination of your DiD to an extension, a voicemail box, an external phone number, a fax inbox, an IVR, a call queue or even an infoline.



[toggle title="Which DiD locations are available?"]

ezytelecommunications can provide Direct InDial numbers, or DiDs, for LGAs (Local Government Areas) in Australia. If we don't have your exchange location in our DiD pool, just ask. We'll be happy to provide you with a number local to where you live if we can.



[toggle title="How reliable is VoIP?"]

The simple answer is ... much, MUCH more reliable than it used to be, and with ezytelecommunications state-of-the-art systems, you'll find it to be as reliable as a service with any of the big Telcos.


However, to be more specific, the reliability and quality of each call you make or receive can depend on a wide range of factors.


The key link in the chain is the quality of the Internet connection between your VoIP phone and the ezytelecommunications gateway.


If your ISP is experiencing problems or your Internet connection has been choked or "shaped" from you exceeding your quota, then your call quality may well be affected.


Occassionally ezytelecommunications will perform off-peak maintenance and/or software upgrades to our servers. These will always be done in the early hours of the morning to minimise any downtime to your service. During these times, your service will most likely be offline for a very short time during the maintenance window. However, you'll generally be notified at least 24 hours before any maintenance to our systems occurs, unless it is emergency maintenance, which is extremely rare.


One HUGE plus to note about ezytelecommunications is that we are the only VoIP provider in Australia to run our system in what's called a High-Availability Array.


In other words, we never use standalone servers. Everyone one of our servers runs in tandem pairs, connected by a system called Hearbeat. And yes, we know what you're thinking, and you're right!


Our systems lierally monitor each other, just like an ECG machine does with a patient in a hospital. If the "heartbeat" of the primary server node stops for any reason, the secondary node initiates a "failover", making itself the primary server node, and within 30 seconds our systems are live and fully operational again.


And while you're VoIP service is now live on the new primary server node, we can perform maintenance on the server that's just experienced the failure ... and all that with almost no downtime whatsoever.


So, how reliable is VoIP? With ezytelecommunications, it's more reliable than ever!



[toggle title="How secure is your service?"]

Our website uses high grade SSL encryption verified by our SSl certificate from GeoTrust.


We use this encryption for access to your VoIP Control Panel, and for all necessary areas of your Account Management Portal in order to ensure the safety and security of your private and personal information.


All credit card payments are processed by Westpac, using a proprietary encryption protocol designed by Westpac.


Likewise, ezytelecommunications will never, for any reason, share your information with any other person, company or organisation, except as necessary in the exchange of financial transactions.


Besides that, you can rest assured that we take your privacy and the security of your information very seriously.



[toggle title="Which codecs do you allow?"]

Firstly, a codec is an "encoder/decoder", hence the term codec. This is the software used to package your voice conversations and send them over the Internet.


Our system is capable of handling almost any VoIP codec you throw at it, but in the iterests of quality control, we strongly recommend only using the following codecs: G729, ulaw, and alaw (G711).


Our preferred codec is G729 because it offers the highest compression and works on all internet connections, however G711 is available and generally used, because it offers the highest speech quality of any available VoIP codec.



[toggle title="What are the minimum requirements to use VoIP?"]

You will need a broadband ADSL connection with a minimum speed of 256/64. However, the faster your Internet connection, the more reliable your VoIP service will be.


Also, if you plan to use a software based phone on your computer, you will have to check that your PC meets the minimum requirements for that software.


Likewise, if you are going to use your existing telephone equipment, you need to buy an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA). This will allow you to connect your normal phone to your router, allowing you to harness the power and savings available through ezytelecommunications.



[toggle title="What do I need to get started?"]

Your broadband needs to meet the minimum requirements as stated in the previous FAQ above, and then you will need to choose an ezytelecommunications plan for your access.


And to get started, you don't even need to buy an IP handset. If you choose, you can simply use a software phone on your computer with a headset or microphone & speakers to make calls with virtually no setup costs.


However, if you're serious about getting the most out of ezytelecommunications , purchase some hardware to enable you to make and receive calls without having to use your computer.


You can buy a VoIP phone, or IP handset, which plugs straight into your router, or an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) which allows you to plug standard PSTN phones into your router, and you're making VoIP calls right away!


Take a look at the Digital Hybrid shop to buy your hardware at very competitive prices or simply for more information.



[toggle title="How do I setup my VoIP Devices?"]

You should read our step-by-step Setup Guides to learn how to set up some of the major devices currently available on the market. It is actually quite easy to set up your VoIP device, it is usually the firewall that gives you problems, so make sure you have forwarded those ports!



[toggle title="How do I setup Voicemail?"]

By default, voicemail will be automatically enabled for you on extension you create in your new account.


Just make sure that you configure your IP handset to dial *95 to access your voice mailbox, and the ezytelecommunications system will do the rest.


It doesn't get much easier than that!



[toggle title="Can I use my own PBX with ezytelecommunications?"]

The short answer is, if your PBX is SIP-enabled, then yes, we can help!


One of the great features in dealing with ezytelecommunications is that you don't need to use our server-based virtual PBX at all.


We can provide you with a SIP trunk that will provide you with your VoIP calls, but allow your own PBX to the work at your location.



[toggle title="My software phone won't connect. Can you help?"]

Sure! Remember, in most cases, software phones, or softphones, like X-Lite etc require that the port number be included at the end of the IP address you are registering to.


For example,



[toggle title="How long before I can use my account?"]

The ezytelecommunications account setup process is completely automatic, and happens within seconds of your payment being approved.


Here's how it works ...


You'll visit, choose from one of the ezytel categories, and sign up for an ezytelecommunications plan.


Once your payment has been approved, your account will be automatically created on our system, and an email will sent to provide you with your Control Panel login information


You then login to your Control Panel, create some new extensions, choose your preferred DiD or VoIP telephone number, configure your phones to register to our system using the extension information you've just created, and you're away.


Start to finish, the entire process should take less than 10 minutes. But remember, if you get stuck and need help, just call ezytelecommunications Support on 1300 882 942 or submit a support ticket.



[toggle title="I didn't receive my activation emails. Can you help?"]

If you haven't received your activation and access emails after signing up, please login to your Client Zone, or contact ezytelecommunications Support on 1300 882 942.