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The primary goal of Digital Hybrid as a cloud-based unified communications company, is to provide businesses of all sizes with a suite of world-class communications tools common to every office in the world.

We see that most businesses, and in particular SMEs, all need a similar array of communications tools to keep them running smoothly and successfully.

Imagine a business that didn't run enterprise-grade email, or utilise a feature-rich PBX system, or have a website that displays what they're all about.

In the 21st Century, these communications tools are no longer optional; they're entirely essential to doing business.

This is why Digital Hybrid put together the "ezycloud communications suite" of world-class, cloud-based communications tools that will not only provide your business with the cutting edge tools you need to stay in touch with your team and your customers, but also with more features than you imagined possible, at a price that will bring them significant savings each and every month over using traditional communications methods.

Finally there's a provider that's become your single point of contact for all your communications needs.

Digital Hybrid can provide you with enterprise-grade email and collaboration tools including hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and hosted Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010.

We can provide you with the power of a state-of-the-art PBX system without the exhorbitant cost of having to buy and install equipment that will go out of date within 12 months of installation. And by doing so, we can save you an average of 40% off your current phone bill.

We can also help you with online storage and backup to protect your precious data. Plus there's web-based SMS utilising the inherent send/receive capabilities of Outlook 2007 and 2010, all powered by a broadband service provided by Digital Hybrid.

And of course, your business needs its own domain name and website to be developed and hosted for the world to find. We can help you there too.

Better yet, no matter how many services you have with Digital Hybrid, they all come on a single, easy-to-manage invoice once a month.