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Inventor of the Mouse Dies

Inventor of the Mouse Dies The notion of operating the inside of a computer with a tool on the outside was way ahead of its time. The mouse wasn't commercially available until 1984, with Apple's new Macintosh. In fact, Engelbart's invention was so early that he and his colleagues didn't profit much from it. The mouse patent had a 17-year […] Continue Reading

Massive IE Security Hole

Massive IE Security Hole INTERNET Explorer users might want to consider upgrading or switching to another browser after a massive security hole was discovered in Windows' native web browser. According to security forum, Rapid7 , Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9 operating on Windows XP, Vista and Seven contains what is known as a "zero day exploit" which allows […] Continue Reading

Protecting Your Data

Protecting Your Data Recently all of the major banks have seen their computer systems and online services crash. And you may also have heard that a major Australian hosting company, Distribute.IT, were the victims of a targeted and malicious hacking attack on their network. The net result is that the websites and email accounts for 4800 customers have […] Continue Reading